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Naoya Kamitani is on top of the world. He's a fighter who's managed against all odds to get into a top university in Kyoto. And he fights to get to the top of the university... literally. At the top of the school clock tower, he meets a strange man names Tsukui who seems to have all the answers. But the answers come with a higher price than he expected.

Chapters (24)
Jun 06, 2012
Ch.001: 001st Haunting: Spirit Orientation
Jul 21, 2012
Ch.002: 002nd Haunting: Spirit Orientation 002
Sep 08, 2012
Ch.003: 003rd Haunting: Spirit Orientation 003
Sep 14, 2012
Ch.004: 004th Haunting: Youkai High-Society Party
Sep 21, 2012
Ch.005: 005th Haunting: Youkai Collecting
Oct 05, 2012
Ch.006: 006th Haunting: Youkai Social Studies Field Trip (Part 001)
Oct 19, 2012
Ch.007: 006th Haunting: Youkai Social Studies Field Trip (Part 002)
Oct 26, 2012
Ch.008: Haunting 008: Youkai Goukon
Nov 10, 2012
Ch.009: 009th Haunting: Youkai Special Class
Nov 19, 2012
Ch.010: 010th Haunting: Youkai Sleepover
Nov 20, 2012
Ch.011: 011th Haunting: Youkai Happiness Theory
Nov 23, 2012
Ch.012: 012th Haunting: Youkai Psychology
Dec 08, 2012
Ch.013: 013th Haunting: Youkai Religious Studies
Dec 30, 2012
Ch.014: 014th Haunting: Youkai Bon Holidays
Jan 02, 2013
Ch.014.005: Special Haunting: Youkai Litter Cleanup (side chapter between c014 &a...
Jan 12, 2013
Ch.015: 015th Haunting: Youkai Child Psychology
Jan 18, 2013
Ch.016: 016th Haunting: Parent-Child Conference
Jan 26, 2013
Ch.017: 017th Haunting: Youkai Dilemma
Mar 14, 2013
Ch.018: 018th Haunting: Youkai Make-Up Exam
Apr 06, 2013
Ch.019: 019th Haunting: Youkai History of Japan
Jun 08, 2013
Ch.020: 020th Haunting: Youkai Japanese History (Final Chapter)
Jun 22, 2013
Ch.021: 021st Haunting: Youkai Decisive Battle At The Peak (Part I)
Aug 23, 2013
Ch.022: Youkai Decisive Battle At The Peak (Part 002)
Oct 03, 2013
Ch.023: Youkai Decisive Battle At The Peak (Part 003) (END)