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Ke Lim got a doll with the same name as her for a present from her dad, who found it on a business trip in Germany. When she took her new doll to go play at the park, she meet and become fast (best) friend with a boy at the park because of the glass shoes. However, he later have to move away soon and he make a promise with her that he will come back and find her. She gave him one of the glass shoe tied with a ribbon from her doll with her name on it. so that he will not forget her. She came to the same park everyday after that to wait for him… Will he come back to see her again? Or may be he already…. And, why does Qiang Shu remind her so much of that boy? She must stop her attraction to Qiang Shu. Qiang Shu cannot be that boy since Qiang Shu is a GIRL!?