Read manga: Hanazakari de Koi Shiteru


1) Hanazakari de Koi Shiteru
Surrounded by male friends and family, nobody can see tomboy Kaede as a girl... So why does the most popular boy in school ask her out? And he thinks she's cute?!

2) Ai Rabyu (I love You)
Studious Midori is hired to be a tutor for the rich, younger boy, Kouki-kun... But what is it that he actually wants from her?

3) Sweet de Ikasete
Kyouya is a beautiful but sickly young man who makes everyone around him want to help him. Strong, sporty Chiaki is no match for his angelic charm, even though he uses it to get her into bed!

4) Natsu to Otome to Kedamono to (Summer & Virgin Girl & Beast)
Fun-loving charmer Maki is determined to bring nerdy good girl Ishizaki out of her shell. Kicking and screaming is optional.

5) Sounan Candy
A fainting spell brings Haraguchi Iori into very close contact with Ikewaki Yuuto, a boy who always has candy in his pockets. Their friendship turns into love for Iori, but the knowledge of Ikewaki's one-sided love for someone else is becoming to painful for Iori.