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Ryu and Jay find a new companion in Hwa Ja, but not everyone approves of their friendship.
A 9-year-old boy stumbles into a house rumored to be haunted. Deep in the maze of corridors, he comes upon a young girl living alone. She asks "What did you bring me?" and with this chance encounter their relationship begins. Eventually, Ryu will unlock the mysteries behind the house and why it is truly haunted � either by its troubled past or by the entities that may inhabit it.
Ryu and his friend Jay find a new companion in Hwa Ja, but find the scrutiny of the outside world harsh and cold. When his family moves away, Jay is left alone.
10 years later, Ryu is notified of Jay's death, and receives one final text message: "Don't ever come back." Despite the warning, Ryu returns for the funeral of his childhood friend, and eventually finds himself back at the house where it all began.