Read manga: Kiss Yori mo Ijiwaru


1. Kiss Yori mo Ijiwaru
Miku is admitted to enter an extremely prestigious school, where only elite students are studying, as a transfer student. Her only good point is that she's cheerful and enthusiastic. She's pleased to enter the school because it is a boarding school and the tuition is free. However, Omi, an elite but spiteful student, tells her to quit school. Miku is put in a tricky position, and accepts his challenge to a fight.

2. Sensei, Onnanoko ni Shite (Teacher, Please Turn Me into a Girl!)

3. Scandal Nante Iwasenai (Not a Scandal)
Yuuri is a total fan of the top idol Shibuki. Then during his concert, she gets an unique chance that any fan would dream of.

4. Yubisaki kara Hajimaru Furachi (The Evil Prince)
Keita, a hairstylist and a former gangster, suddenly asks Arimori Tsukasa to be his model after seeing her beautiful hair, but a street flirt comes and Keita saves her. They gradually become friends, but will there be something more?