Read manga: Word (Mikoto Asou)


This is a series of 4 one-shots by Asou Mikoto that all have a common theme of words and language.Kotonoha ~Usuyou no Tsukebumi~ :Maeda Kotoha joined the calligraphy club at her highschool b/c she was impressed by the club president Fujisaki's demonstration. Unable to gather up her courage to confess her feelings, he graduates. Feeling regret, Kotoha decides to write him a letter using a brush and traditional paper...Kotonoha ~Ningyohime no Kowairo~ :Manabe, a cool ice queen type of girl, in Fukazawa Tatsuhiro's class joins the swim team even though she can't swim. Intrigued, Fukazawa decides to teach her, but wonders why she wants to learn so badly...Kotonoha ~Tenjousajiki no Naishobanashi~ :Mihara Ritsu is a playwright for her school's drama club. Nakajima is an underclassmen who joins the club because he was moved by the lead actress Seto Miyabi's words in the final scene of last year's production. This year, Ritsu must write a play that stars both of them, but as usual, writing does not happen easily...Kotonoha ~Shijin no Koi~ :It all started when Sako accidentally picked up Kumazawa's book of poetry and secretly read what she wrote. A lot of it was humorous, but some poems were serious, particularly the ones that poignantly expressed her feelings about a certain classmate...