Read manga: Anata e no Tsuki


Collection of 5 one shots:

- Anata e no Tsuki (Moon for You)
Mei's boyfriend, Hikaru, transferred schools 4 months ago. Now that summer break has started, they can meet again, but circumstances changed and Hikaru has to return earlier than they planned. Mei sends him with a smile, but deep down...

- Kataomoi no Sono Saki (Beyond A One-Sided Love)
It's almost Valentine's Day, and Yuka is determined to give her chocolates to the popular Hazuki-kun. Last year, Hazuki-kun didn't accept anyone's chocolates. Can Yuka figure out his secret?

- 7-ho-me no Mirai

- Kare ga Kanojo ni Nozomu Mono (What He Expects of Her)

- Spring.