Read comic: Anima


Anima was a 16 issue series produced by DC Comics that ran from 1994 to 1995. The series followed its titular protagonist, Anima, and her alter-ego Animus. Anima, one of the new heroes created during the 1993Bloodlines annual crossover event, was one of the few heroes that managed to spin off into its own series. Anima first appeared in the New Titans crossover annual of that event.  
Writing duties for the Anima series were given to science fiction and fantasy writers Elizabeth Hand and Paul Witcover. While Hand and Witcover had collaborated in the past on stories and blogs, this was the first time for both of them writing in the world of comics. According to Witcover, he and Hand had wanted to build a world that “ripped off everyone from Carl Jung to Kurt Cobain in the process.” Witcover called Anima a “gonzo-feminist comic,” visiting a lot of the common feminist themes both he and Hand would explore in their science fiction stories...