Read comic: Pigtale

Genres: Adventure
Writers: Ovi Nedelcu
Publishers: Image Comics
Artists: Ovi Nedelcu
Status: completed

Set in present-day Portland, Oregon PIGTALE relates the exciting adventure of Boston Booth, an amateur private eye whose life is in financial and professional turmoil, when he runs into Clyde, an intelligent talking pig desperate to get away from his violent wolf stepbrother, Taxx. Together, Boston & Clyde venture off into the wild to help one another overcome their fears, rescue loved ones and save the city from Taxx, who's bent on destroying Clyde, getting his revenge and using the super-plasma device to conquer the city and reign supreme!  "PRIVATE EYE: BOSTON BOOTH"  Broke! Unemployed! Madly in love with the girl of his dreams! After being rejected time after time from every private investigation office in Portland, Boston Booth finally gets an interview. Will he get his big break? Will he finally muster the courage to ask Carmen out on a date? Determined to follow in his dad's footsteps and become Portland's best private eye, Boston gives it his all, but his path takes a sharp turn when he runs into a talking pig named Clyde. Come along for the ride of a lifetime! Hang tight and never, EVER eat lard in front of Clyde!