Read comic: Pitt

Genres: Fantasy ; Mature
Writers: Various
Publishers: Image Comics
Artists: Dale Keown
Status: completed

Rippin 1st Issue   New York City, 3 a.m, the Vipers are riding their Motorcycles and happen upon Pitt walking the Streets at night.  They make their first mistake by taking him on.  They club, shoot and try everything they can possibly muster to subdue him, but this only enrages Pitt and cuts them apart.  Meanwhile at the same time, Timmy in Connecticut wakes from a nightmare.  His Grandpa tries to comfort him, he has lost both of his parents and is left in Grandpa's capable hands. 

Elsewhere, Detective Bobbie Harris is assigned to the Subway case (Introduced in Pitt #1/2)  which will bring Pitt into their lives.