Read comic: Planetary


In an unnamed military complex a General and his troops are confronted by the Planetaryfield team. They quickly dispatch his troops and ask for information on a scientist named David Paine. The General informs Planetary that in 1962 during the cold war David Paine created a supercomputer that was also a bomb that could rewrite or erase matter. This Supercomputer met with much praise from many including the General's wife who came to see Paine unaware that the bomb was going through a test run in the desert. Paine rushed into the desert to save the General's wife but was caught up in the explosion. Paine's exposure to the device's reality altering affects transformed him into a horrific creature that the army battled for twenty four days before he was finally captured. The General ultimately reveals that nobody has been able to understand Paine's notes and that their ultimate solution to the problem was to bury Paine in a five mile deep pit without food or water. Paine finally died in 1983 The General then says that his wife had a little girl six months later and that he has never seen her. (Note: The story is a clever reworking of the classic origin story of Marvel's Incredible Hulk.)