Read comic: Luuna

Genres: Mystery
Writers: Didier Crisse
Publishers: Tokyopop
Status: completed
Latest chapter: Issue #3
Updated at: Jan 04, 2023

On the night of her coming of age ritual, Luuna, a young girl from the mystic Paumanok tribe enters the sacred wood. There she will face Hohopah, the Heart of the Forest and be assigned her totem, the animal incarnation of her inner-self. But unbeknownst to Luuna, this night belongs to Unkui, the Evil One, who demands that her soul be shared! Now Luuna is cursed with not one, but two totems. One white--the reflection of all that is good in her. The other, black--representing the darkness that resides in us all, and capable of terrible destruction. Unable to return to her tribe, Luuna embarks on a quest to seek out the wise spirits of the earth and with their help, rid herself of the cursed totem. But little does she know that Unkui is not finished with her yet, and has set his fiendish minions on her trail... Sumptuous artwork and a fast-moving, whimsical tale of one girl's mystical adventure of a lifetime illustrate just why Luuna has become one of Europe's most popular graphic novels!