Read comic: Infinite Destinies

Genres: Action ; Adventure ; Superhero
Publishers: Marvel
Status: completed
Latest chapter: TPB (Part 3)
Updated at: Jan 04, 2023

The Infinity Stones have returned to the Marvel Universe — but who will wield their unbelievable cosmic power this time? The answers unite some of Marvel’s biggest names with its newest breakout characters! From iconic figures Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Spider-Man; to fan-favorites Miles Morales and the Black Cat; to super teams the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, they’re all going to have their hands full with rising stars including Quantum, Overtime, the White Fox, Taegukgi — and more! Meanwhile, Nick Fury undertakes his own quest to track down answers about the Infinity Stones!
COLLECTING: Iron Man Annual (2021) 1, Captain America Annual (2021) 1, Thor Annual (2021) 1, Black Cat Annual (2021) 1, Avengers Annual (2021) 1, Miles Morales: Spider-Man Annual (2021) 1, Guardians of the Galaxy Annual (2021) 1, Amazing Spider-Man Annual (2018) 2.