Read comic: Secret Files President Luthor


No one thought it could really happen. The super-hero community, most especially Superman, has witnessed a truly landmark event in DC Universe history and seen their worst nightmare come true: Lex Luthor has been elected President of the United States. By now, the Luthor campaign has saturated the media with its official spin on who the new Chief Executive is. But in Superman: President Luthor Secret Files, a 48-page special with a cover by Tony Harris and Ray Snyder, some of the behind-the-scenes events that voters never got to see are brought to light. In the lead story (written by Greg Rucka), we learn how Lex decided to run for President (illustrated by Matthew Clark) and how he decided to pick Talia to run LexCorp (illustrated by Dale Eaglesham). Also, sit in on a debate with Luthor and his mysterious opponent (written by Peter David with art by Stuart Immonen)! Then enjoy "The Last Temptation of Lex" (written by Phil Jimenez with art by Yvel Guichet), as Wonder Woman nemesis and former Injustice Gang member Circe visits Lex in the White House, with a tempting offer to become his First Lady. Plus, two more short stories (by Jeph Loeb and Mike Wieringo and Karl Kesel and Paul Pelletier), as well as in-depth profiles of President Luthor, LexCorp CEO Talia, Vice President Pete Ross and Luthor's surprising Cabinet by such talented artists as Lee Bermejo, Butch Guice and Louis Small, Jr.

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