Read comic: Jonny Demon

Genres: Action ; Adventure ; Superhero
Writers: Various
Publishers: Dark Horse Comics
Artists: Various
Status: completed
Latest chapter: Issue #3
Updated at: May 09, 2023

Demons! Vampires! Monsters! And in the middle of it all, one smart-mouth punk just trying to make a living. For Jonny Demon -- hellzoner, would-be sorcerer, and survival expert -- life means watching your back, keeping your blades sharp, and never going near the Returned Ones (the Ur-demons who destroyed civilization and ravaged the world). Unfortunately, his latest job, which he thought was a cushy bodyguarding gig delivering a beautiful heiress to Nashua, turns out to be a suicide mission aimed at blasting the Returned Ones out of their stronghold in the remains of Boston. Now, with the help of an alcoholic vampire and the enigmatic creature named Girl, he's got to do two things: Save the world, and live through it! Â