Read comic: Devil on Her Shoulder Complete Edition

Genres: Fantasy
Writers: Mayen Cédric
Publishers: Europe Comics
Artists: Cardona Sandra
Status: completed
Latest chapter: TPB
Updated at: May 09, 2023

Hell and damnation! The Bruja is missing! When the most powerful witch alive disappears without a trace, Norah, her 17-year-old niece, decides to investigate. But upon entering her aunt's manor, she interrupts a summoning ritual and finds herself face to face with the devil... Or half of him, anyway, as he has been cut in two and is now stuck in a pentagram. Unable to return to Hell without Norah's help, Lucifer agrees to assist her in finding the Bruja—a devilish task when you're the most feared and hated being on the planet!

Chapters (1)