Read comic: Planet of the Apes (2001)

Genres: Fantasy
Writers: Ian Edginton
Publishers: Dark Horse Comics
Artists: Adrian Sibar
Status: completed
Latest chapter: Issue #6
Updated at: May 10, 2024

RETURN TO THE PLANET OF THE APES! Anything that could have possibly gone wrong since "The Human War" did. The human rebel Esau and the ape leader Seneca are facing a trial for crimes against the ape state. Once triumphant, they now await a hangman's noose. Never in their wildest dreams did they think they would be rescued mere seconds from certain death by the once great gorilla warrior Attar! But Attar has an ulterior motive. Usually reclusive, he has received a cryptic message that could finally lead him to his friend, the long-disappeared Ari. He'll need Seneca and Esau's help as he travels through the desolate badlands to find her...and new revelations about the real evolution of their species surface!