Read comic: Sugarshock

Genres: Action ; Adventure ; Comedy ; Sci-Fi
Writers: Joss Whedon
Publishers: Dark Horse Comics
Artists: Fábio Moon
Status: completed

One of Dark Horse Comics' One-Shot Wonders! Originally presented in the first online issues of MySpace Dark Horse Presents, for which it won the Eisner Award for Best Web Comic, Sugarshock tells the story of a rock band led by charismatic but crazy Dandelion Naizen, a hyperactive singer/songwriter possessed of a mean hatred of Vikings (don't ask) and a mission for a secret government agency that may only exist in her head. But when her band, which includes a robot bass player, is enlisted in an intergalactic battle of the bandsemphasis on battleDandelion gets to prove herself as both singer and soldier. This is Joss Whedon at his funniest and most hyperactive, with writing that bursts off the page in a way seldom seen in comics. Multiple Eisner Award winner Fabio Moon delivers the outrageous story with equal energy. **Joss Whedon's Eisner Award-winning story gets its own comic!

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