Read comic: Black Tide

Genres: Action ; Adventure ; Superhero
Writers: Debbie Bishop
Publishers: Image Comics
Artists: Mike Miller
Status: completed_ok

Magic, myth, science and history combine as we discover our world as it was, where history has brought us and where we go from here in this all-new super-powered ongoing series. Meet three fascinating heroes that truly prove once and for all that "the sum is greaterthan its' parts." Justin, Kaila and Theros are the combined key to immense power. When united-they are unbeatable. When they are odds with each other, their power is devastatingly dangerous. Together, they once caused a war so intense an entire continent crumbled and sank into the sea. At this very moment, they are united and battling super terrorists and high crimes against the world. Under the cover guise of a black ops organization called Deceivers, they fight ancient Earth enemies who are far more deadly than any single one of them. But with demons-both internal and external-still haunting them, can they be trusted to save mankind...or will their conflicts with each other destroy us all? Hidden from mankind and hated by each other, a chance meeting has finally united Justin, Kaila and Theros-The Triune. The question is..."Are they Earth's savior or future source of destruction?"