Read comic: Breathtaker

Genres: Fantasy ; Thriller
Writers: Mark Wheatley
Publishers: DC Comics
Artists: Marc Hempel
Status: completed_ok

Siren. Temptress. Man-eater. Call Chase Darrow what you want, but whatever label you choose, the truth is she's the BREATHTAKER... a nice young woman who possesses the power to love a man to death. Chase Darrow is a succubus. BREATHTAKER is part horror story, about a woman with the power to drain men of their very life force... part romance, because those men are her willing victims... part crime story, as Chase is forced to run from the government which has branded her a criminal... and part super-hero story: The Man, a popular television and merchandising figure who also happens to have powers and abilities - beyond those of the average man - that he's going to use to hunt down and capture Chase in an effort to boost his sagging Nielsen ratings.

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