Read comic: B-Sides

Other name: Craptacular B-Sides
Genres: Action ; Adventure ; Superhero
Publishers: Marvel
Artists: Sam Kieth
Status: completed_ok

The birth of a new super-team from... New Jersey?! Over the years, the dead-end town of Raven's Perch, NJ, has given birth to a host of superhumans. But they've never produced a Spider-Man... heck, they've never even spawned a Darkhawk! So what's it like to be a loser with weird powers living in the state known for off-ramps and landfills? Find out when Fateball, Jughandle and Mize are brought together to form... The Craptacular B-Sides! Plus: a 9-page bonus tale penciled by CAPTAIN MARVEL's ChrisCross!