Read comic: Bugs Bunny (1990)


He doesn't look it, but Bugs Bunny turned 50 in 1990. And, just in time to wish him a happy birthday, DC Comics brought you three issues of wackiness, fun and adventure, starring Bugs, Daffy Duck and the rest of the Warner Bros. Looney Tunes gang. Bugs and Daffy have stumbled onto a plot by Witch Hazel to use some mythical artifacts for the nefarious purpose of gaining power and wealth. Well, mostly power. The artifacts in question? The legendary 'Busts of Fudd,' molded out of ancient Plaztec and modeled after explorer Amerigo Fudd, ancestor of Elmer Fudd. Along with many of their friends (and a bunch of their enemies), Bugs and Daffy set off on a globe-hopping quest to stop her plot. Guest-stars the Tasmanian Devil.