Read comic: Chain Gang War

Genres: Action ; Adventure
Writers: John Wagner
Publishers: DC Comics
Artists: Dave Johnson
Status: completed_ok

A trio of armed vigilantes goes gunning for both street scum and super-villains. But quick executions aren't necessarily their style; they're into punishment. For that they have the House of Correction, an inescapable dungeon far below the Strang Mansion. There, justice is dispensed...despite the law! CHAIN GANG WAR is a series set in the gritty underside of the DC Universe, where shocks and twists abound with high-calibre action and intrigue. The Chain Gang has its share of friends and foes: police detective Joe Shanahan wants to bring them in and put them away for good; investigative reporter Marion Hawley wants the inside story on the Gang, and may go to extremes to get it; and the city is so frustrated with crime and motivated by fear that the anger boils into support for the vigilantes.