Read comic: Chastity: Love Bites


Chastity is in the streets of New York City, dressed up as a nurse so that she can get into the hospital and feed her hunger without murdering anyone. So she sneaks into a room filled with bags of blood, but just as she's about to sink her teeth into it a man, or vampire, grabs her from behind, attacking her but she manages to escape and drinks the blood while walking the streets. She returns to her boyfriend and talks with him a bit, about how their relationship will have to end and then leaves, now dressing up as a police officer. She enters a crime scene and takes the blood samples but is attacked by the vampire man again, once again managing to escape. Now in the streets however she is stopped by The Wanderer, after that short encounter she starts becoming depressed as she is forced to face the truth of what she is. Finally, the story comes to an end when she fights with the vampire once again, Blackstone, and with a little help from her boyfriend and The Wanderer, manages to defeat him. Her boyfriend than learns her secret and although they break up, they both promise to never forget one another, still remaining in love.

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