Read comic: Dead in the West


It's Halloween, and we know you want something really scary. How about two-gun action and the living dead? Well circle the wagons, pardners, pray for dawn, and stay away from the zombies as Dark Horse proudly presents Joe R. Lansdale's cult novel, Dead in the West! Why dress up for Halloween as a cowboy, Indian, or walking corpse when you can see them mixing it up in East Texas, 1876? The residents of Mud Creek have trouble on their hands when only a down-on-his-luck preacher with a six-gun and a boy stand between the town and an army of the living dead, re-animated by an Indian shaman's curse. Jack Jackson is at the height of his form with Dead in the West -- his art gives a feeling of authenticity that perfectly complements the story and will leave you covered in goosebumps. For all fans of A Fistful of Dollars and Night of the Living Dead, this book is for you!