Read comic: JLA/Witchblade

Writers: Len Kaminski
Publishers: DC Comics
Artists: Mark Pajarillo
Status: completed

The World's Greatest Super-Heroes come face to face with Top Cow's premier heroine, the sexy Witchblade, in this long-awaited crossover event! Written by Len Kaminski (JLA: FOREIGN BODIES) with art and cover by Mark Pajarillo and Walden Wong (JLA), JLA/WITCHBLADE is a Prestige Format one-shot that deftly blends fast-paced super-hero action with supernatural suspense, much like DC and Top Cow's previous crossover, the immensely popular Darkness/Batman. Current Witchblade wielder Sara Pezzini comes to Gotham to visit her old friend Barbara Gordon, but a strange turn of events has the most powerful eldritch weapon in existence jumping from Sara to take control of Barbara, who just happens to be the JLA's Oracle! Now the Justice League has the difficult task of fighting one of its own! But with members like Wonder Woman and the Huntress among the JLA, and the Witchblade being drawn to female hosts, the League might be serving up exactly what the Witchblade needs for its own wicked ends!

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