Read manga: Kawaisa Amatte Nanika Ga Hyakubai


A collection of short stories:1-2. You're Hopelessly CuteMikuni Renji had always been serious in every love relationship. It was his bad luck to meet with people who only used him for satisfaction. Ichinomiya Shinobu, the sadistic younger flower shop prince who was his company supplier, fell in love with the Mikuni through constant teasing. Trouble came when Ichinomiya met Mikuni and his ex-partner on the street. Would Mikuni get dumped again?3. Useless GoalkeeperA friendly high-school student falls for his reclusive classmate.4-5. Sorry, But I Love YouThe son of a "Mama" realizes his love for his coworker, who also happens to be a cross-dresser like the son's parent.