Read manga: Come Back Home

Other name: 컴백홈 ; Bride ; TALENT
Artists: Chun Kye Young
Status: ongoing
Latest chapter: Vol.1 Chapter 5 : Idem
Updated at: Aug 25, 2019

Come Back Home Story 1: Talent"Do what you do best!"They met by coincidence, a school girl and a delinquent. While she works hard to obtain her dream, will he find a way to use his talent?Come Back Home Story 2: Bride"His name is Bride, a gifted musician. They say he became music's bride because of his immense love toward it. He has never loved anything else other than music. And every concert is a wedding. At the end he throws his guitar toward the audience. Whoever catches the guitar becomes a guitarist as well. The guitar Bride throws, they call it the bouquet."So when I catch his guitar, will I become a guitarist?Come Back Home Story 3: TrickCome Back Home Story 4: SkyCome Back Home Story 5: Idem (4 chapters)A delinquent with a fiery temper and a beautiful girl have known each other for years. While enteringhigh school will their love withstand the problems ahead?