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Vol. 1: Kooru Shakunetsu (Freezing Flame)When Hirose Katsumi discovers that his father's company is in jeopardy as their largest customer, Mimuro, considers moving to other markets, he convinces his father to meet with the heads of Mimuro. Attending the meeting with his father, Katsumi has the unfortunate luck of catching the eye of the heir, Mimuro Yoshitaka. Yoshitaka calls on Katsumi with a deal that will allow the Mimuro Corporation to continue doing business with Katsumi's father. There is one condition, though…Katsumi must put Yoshitaka's needs above all else and do anything requested. With such a tough economy, and so many employees depending on his father's company, Katsumi has no choice but to obey, and begins a life of humiliation as the possession of a cold-hearted Yoshitaka. But, who is actually the one being possessed? And what will Yoshitaka do when his pet learns how to bite back, using manipulative tricks learned from the Mimuro heir to possibly turn the tables? (from Fushichou)Vol. 2: Homura no Kusari (Chain of Flame)Vol. 3: Mitsu no Rakuin (Honeyed Brand)Vol. 4: Rekka no Shizuku (Melting Flame)The story shifts to a new couple...Vol. 5: Rekka no Shizuku (Melting Flame 2)Vol. 6: Rouraku no Hana (Twined Dragon)Vol. 7: Rouraku no Hana 2 (Twined Dragon 2)