Read manga: Confidential Confessions


From Tokyopop:Confidential Confessions is a shocking new manga series that deals with many of the hard-hitting issues that teens face today. Using emotionally moving storylines and multi-dimensional characters, each groundbreaking volume tackles such topics as teen prostitution, rape, HIV, stalkers, suicide, and sexual harassment.Vol. 1:: Tobira (MOMOCHI Reiko)Ch. 01-03: The DoorCh. 04: MistakesVol. 2:: NamidaTearsVol. 3:; Memai (MOMOCHI Reiko)Ch. 01: Our FutureCh. 02-04: DizzinessVol. 4:: ItamiCh. 01: PainCh. 02: DistortionCh. 03: TomorrowCh. 04: Forbidden KissVol. 5:: Himitsu (MOMOCHI Reiko)Vol. 6:: Uwasa