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Shuu had always taken care of his tall, beautiful friend Natsu ever since they were young. As a result, Natsu had become so dependant on the petite Shuu that he ceases to exist without him even for one second! Every morning after waking up and getting ready, the naïve Shuu goes over to his friend’s house to wake him up for school… Of course, Natsu takes this chance to tumble his friend in the bed with him for some minor groping! As usual, Shuu doesn’t think anything of it…And so, this has always been the case between these two: Natsu goes on feeling his unrequited love for his friend, and Shuu goes on being as naïve as ever. How long until Natsu can go on feeling unloved, and how long can Shuu go on ignoring him? Will there come a time when Natsu will no longer be able to keep his self-control in check and do the unthinkable to his beloved friend...and if that happens, what then?Oneshots in this manga:Vol. 1 - Please Express it Properly and Noise NostalgiaVol. 3 - Futari Yuugi -Mayumi is always having his boyfriends stolen by his twin Masaya. So why does he always introduce them to his brother, knowing what the outcome will be? Why doesn't he especially miss them when they're gone?**Incest Warning**- From Evil Empire