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From Fantasyshrine:Vol 1Chapters 1-4:Reiji fell in love with his brother's friend, Kagami. He confessed his feelings and enjoyed a happy spring of love with him. After dating and making love countless times he is cruelly dumped. That was10 years ago. Now, they unexpectedly meet again! Has Reiji's heart healed? How will he react when the love of his life steps back into his world?Vol 1 Chapter 5-6:Luciano is dating the president of a cosmetic company. Although he knows as president Yoshi is very busy, lately he has felt neglected. With a new younger model in the company he has no confidence that he can keep Yoshi's interest. If only he could allow a new love to indulge on him...Extra 6A devilish counter attack. More of Luciano and Yoshi.Vol 2 Chapter 1The story of when Luciano first met the president.Luciano met the president of a cosmetic company, Munakata, during a party and was offered to become the exclusive model for their new male product line on the spot! However, was there a string attached to Munakata’s generous offer to Luciano? Or did he simply want to get up close and personal with his new model—!?Vol 2 Chapter 2Shibasaki has always been a big fan of Saotome Daito's designs and now he gets a chance to work with him! But Daito-sensei has been down can Shibasaki comfort him?Vol 2 Chapter 3-5:Hoshino is waiting for his spring to come. But instead he somehow winds up with a hurt wrist instead. He has to wear a cast for a whole month while not using his right hand. But its alright! His friend Tokunaga comes over to help him everyday. But is this service really free?Vol 2 Chapter 6:It's Golden week and all of our couples are headed to vacation!!!Extra:Tokunaga and Hishino afterward.