Read manga: Blood Type V


About a boy with blood powers. One-shot that appeared in Shounen GanGan 2009-002 issue.Moonlight light's version of this summary:People don't share identical blood types with everyone...there is blood type A, blood type B, blood type AB, blood type O, and..."strange blood"?Mikoto Hiiragi is a high school student with special "blood abilities"...He is a "strange blood" (more specifically, a blood type V!). Blood type V owners are known as "sorcerers of life". They are a very wanted type...and Mikoto Hiiragi didn't even dream what (or who!) was tracking him (to hunt him, of corse)! What turns it more dangerous is that not only "common" people want "strange blood"'s owners blood, but also other "strange blood"s possessors as well! As if that wasn't bad enough, scientists are offering a reward to the person who gives them every type of blood there is! (so they can find out what the "strongest" blood type is). What powers do blood type Vs have? what about blood type Rs? and blood type Ts? (and so on...)