Read manga: Blue Gender

Genres: Action ; Drama ; Mecha ; Sci-fi ; Shounen ; Tragedy
Artists: Aic
Status: ongoing

In the year 2031 A.D., Earth has become ravaged by the attack of insect-like aliens called the “Blue”. In an effort to escape their destruction, humanity abandons the planet and now resides in an orbiting space station called “Second Earth”.After being diagnosed with an unknown disease, Kaido Yuji was put to cryogenic sleep on Earth until a cure was found. But he’s given the rudest awakening of his life when Armour Shrike pilot Marlene Angel comes to pick him up, and Yuji witnesses in horror as her unit is wiped out by the Blue. Now Yuji must survive against the harsh new rules of this apocalyptic world -- and find out the true nature of his strange disease.