Read manga: Love Live! Comic Anthology Μ's Precious Days


The fourth official anthology for Love Live! School Idol Project.Each chapter is done by a different artist.Cover: Sasaki Mustumi1. µ's Appeal Battle! by Yurikawa2. Because Love is Blind. by Haruka Chiruwo3. Den Den Den. by Yamane Masato4. µ’s Backstage. by Shiroi Hakuto5. Pancakes with Smiles on the Side. by Touya Tsugumi6. I Want to Eat ☆ White Rice. by Hinata Nonoka7. Soaps Get Smaller If You Rub Them. by Miduki Maya8. In the Middle of the Dream. by Bcoca9. Doki Doki Kimodameshi. by yumi10. Battle, General Winter. by Takasaka Donten11. UmiNico Movie Date. by Riku Riku