Read manga: There's No Way My Delinquent Is This Cute


He’s the school’s top delinquent. Just like the devil, that boy would always torment me and giving me nothing but trouble. That was until one day when I cursed inside my heart in irritation, that delinquent soon got into a car accident and passed away. I felt guilt over his death ever since that day. However, one fateful night, I woke up from a nightmare and what greeted me was a pair of glaring eyes that undeniably belongs to that devil delinquent?! Wait a minute, how come he’s in the size of a doll?!
"Hey. The one who cursed me was you, right?" Even if you say that to me, you're not even scary at all. In fact, you’ve become cute instead.
The delinquent and the girl who seeks to reverse this situation. This is their sweet, war-like, fantasy romance.