Read manga: This Cinderella Is Not A Vegetarian!


What on earth must one do, in order to bag the most popular childe in the entire school? Should I act like a gentle beauty? Or should I be enthusiastic and bold? Should I pretend to be a Cinderella and play hard to get, or disguise myself as an aristocrat, and take the initiative? Nina said: “These are all not worth mentioning! Isn’t it better to become the queen of the school? If he acts like a tsundere? Just give him a good beating!” But the childe said: “Miss, please just let me go! I just want to lie in a corner and become a corpse that nobody pays attention to!” Nina: “Hmph, acting so pampered and arrogant just because I like you? This Cinderella is not a vegetarian!” (Chinese Slang) Vegetarian = Easily bullied Not a Vegetarian = Not to be trifled with