Read manga: Shingeki No Eroko-San


Shindou Eruko, a glasses, big breasted beauty, found a job as a handyman for the Amaguri Handyman service after her NEET life comes to an end as her savings ran out. She immediately falls for her co-worker Hoshi-kun on their first day working together, but there's a problem: Hoshi-kun is a high school boy, while Eruko is a 27 years old onee-san who has trouble telling reality and delusional. She ends up constantly scheming to get close to Hoshi-kun to turn many of her delusions into reality... 

Chapters (20)
Mar 07, 2020
Chapter 1: Siiigh, I Don T Want To Go To Work At All
Mar 14, 2020
Chapter 2: I Ll Sniff With All My Might Because His Nape Smells So Good
Mar 14, 2020
Chapter 3: My Darling Is Cute Down To The Cellular Level
Mar 14, 2020
Chapter 4: Perversion 4 – The Underwear Of The Boy I’M Interested In That He Took Off And Tossed On The Floor Of His Room Is My Treasure
Mar 22, 2020
Chapter 5: Perversion 5 – I’M Just Looking! I’M Just Looking (With Lust In My Eyes)!!
Mar 23, 2020
Chapter 6: Thank You, Summer, For Letting Me Look At High School Boys Swimsuits All I Want!
Mar 26, 2020
Chapter 7: Perversion 7 – I Accidentally Showed My Angel Something Obscene, But He Actually Just Told Me He Likes Me So I Died
Mar 26, 2020
Chapter 7.5: Chapter 7.5 What Happened Next
Mar 27, 2020
Chapter 8: Suddenly Showing Me His Crotch... Is He Gonna Propose To Me?
Mar 27, 2020
Chapter 9: A High School Boy Wants To Go To My House - I Ve Never Been This Nervous!
Mar 31, 2020
Chapter 10: A High School Boy S Vigor Surpasses My Wildest Imagination
Apr 06, 2020
Chapter 11: Perversion 11: Haa... Hoshi Is Like A Moth To A Flame... And He’S Here!!
Apr 06, 2020
Chapter 12: Perversion 12 – Since I Want Sexual Contact, My Self-Control Decided To Go On Strike
Apr 18, 2020
Chapter 13: Perversion 13 – When You’Re Living With A Minor And You Want To Put It In, Make Sure You Announce What You’Re Doing First
May 08, 2020
Chapter 14: I Want To Sneakily Approach A High School Boy And Pull Down His Underwear While He's Cooking
May 30, 2020
Chapter 15: Perversion 15: I Let A High School Boy Fondle My Boobs
Jul 02, 2020
Chapter 16: Perversion 16: I Almost Put A Banana In My Mouth So I’M Going Learn Some Self-Control
Jul 07, 2020
Chapter 17: Perversion 17: If We’Re Alone Together On A Day Off, All I Can Think About Is Doing Dirty Things, So I’M Going To The Bathroom
Jul 30, 2020
Chapter 18: Perversion 18: While The Hoshi’S Away, The Mice- I Mean Girls Will Play! I’M So Nervous!
Aug 28, 2020
Chapter 19: Perversion 19: After Being Separated For A Day He Treated Me Like A Little Girl For My Log-In Bonus. Are The Admins Gods?