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A collection of stories. Story 1, "Planet Love" After discovering her dad finishing construction of a spaceship, Love finds out that their family is from Planet Love. She feels torn about leaving her childhood friend, Ichi behind. Story 2, "Hug!" Tsubaki is confessed by Porky, much to his chagrin as he dislikes fat people. Story 3, "Capricious Robot" Nico feels that she is being targeted by the head of the discipline committee, Shuichi, who she finds to carry himself like an emotionless robot. Story 4, "My Dear Gian" Shizuka and Takeshi have been neighbors their entire lives. Takeshi's family has to skip town the next week, and Shizuka wants to tell him something. Story 5, "Hakka!" Hakka has no experience with love. She witnesses a couple kissing in public, the boy being a classmate of hers. She wants to know more about love and kissing.- BIRTHDAY SONGS 4/1 :The age difference between Yuu and Mizuho is one minute. But because of this one minute Mizuho went to school a year earlier and graduated a year faster. When she’s going away to Kyoto University, will Yuu be able to tell her his feelings?