Read manga: Local Supplier Of Alien Goods


The exclusive update every Monday and Friday was originally a local tyrant, the second generation ancestor, who was driven out of the house by the villain due to his father’s disappearance. However, it is this supermarket that connects other worlds and makes the male protagonist a business tycoon in both worlds! The chewing gum is exchanged for the god pill, the boy returns to the yuan, the orders of the big guys are soft! Perfume to change the marrow liquid, to strengthen the body, see the uneven road, solve it with one punch! It’s okay if you want the unicorn beast of the Eastern Fairy World as a mount. As long as the money is in place, cash on delivery is no problem. What do you want the colorful heart clothes of the Nine Heavens Profound Girl? There are many ways to make money, and the little brother is full~ As long as you have money, I can get you what you want to buy. I am Liu Lei, the only supplier in the world, and I speak for myself!