Read manga: Filament


Includes:She Got Off the Bus at the Peninsula:Mitsuko Kunizaki has inherited a small grocery store from her grandmother. Being a single mother to a little boy, she intends to close it down and move on with life. However, in the solitary store that sits next to the last bus stop at the tip of a peninsula lie some long-buried memories that slowly reemerge as Mitsuko arrives at what used to be her home—memories of a lonesome childhood and of people who came to the peninsula to end their lives.The Labyrinth Cat:Residents who have just moved in are always lost in this complex apartment. However, there is one little feline that will help them get back to their apartment house.Bio Luminescence (created under the pen-name Soyogo Shima)Also includes two Mushishi stories set in modern day Japan and with different characters than the long running series.