Read manga: Sleeping Beauty no Mita Yume


A collection of one-shots:

• Sleeping Beauty no Mita Yume (Sleeping Beauty's Dream)
Tsukasa gets a kiss from the girl she likes, but she's not happy about it.

• Hakushi (Blank)
The protagonist loses some of her memories and can't remember a girl who was very important to her. 

• Rokujouhan Shuukai Okure

• A Witch's Hand

• 20, 21
Fuji doesn't see her friend Asagao in a romantic light, but Asagao is hoping to change that.

• Hakushi, Continued (Blank, Continued)
Retells the events of "Blank" from Takako's perspective.

• Twelve-Year Age Gap, Six-and-a-Half-Mat Room