Read manga: Tsukushite Agemasu


Main story: Tsukushite Agemasu - Yuzuko’s a positive, always charming girl with the horrible habit of speaking out loud whatever is on her mind. Sometimes it's for the worst. Just when she’s done it again and insults someone, she’s saved by a drop dead gorgeous maid from the Maid & Butler café. Little does she know that the maid is none other than the high school "Ice Prince" hottie Itsuki...
Side Story 1: When Fireworks End - It is summer, and Natsuno takes Yukino to see fireworks at the beach. But is that sea water in his eyes, or tears..?
Side Story 2: My Hysteric Girl
Kou promised to protect Nazuna, his childhood friend. But one day Nazuna pushes him away, saying she doesn't need him any more. But...