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• Hanjuku Hime (Rookie Princess)!
• Oresama, Kaimasen ka?!
• Kiss Friend
Emimi had had several boyfriends. However, she disliked any intimate contact with them. Whether kissing or even holding hands, she got disgusted and simply breaks away. One day, she realized that her long time friend, Shinji, did not gross her out and asked him to kiss her. That, of course, is the beginning of a romance.
• Imakoi
• Kaori-chan Himitsu Nikki
Kaori has quite the imagination when it comes to romance. In particular, she daydreams about cliche school romance scenes between herself and the boy she likes, Ryuu. One day she drops her diary and it’s picked up by the difficult and hard-to-approach Mayuki. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or fandom?