Read manga: Teiji Ni Agaretara


Japanese──────職場で気になる彼女は、バニラの匂い――。職場の気になる彼女との連絡は、いつもコートのポケットを介した付箋メモ交換。「暖かくなったら、もう終わっちゃうのかな……」おっとり可愛い湯川さんとサバサバ美人な水城さんの恋の行方は!?――胸がきゅっとなるOL百合English─────The woman she's interested in carries around the scent of vanilla.They would always communicate through exchanging pieces of notes that would be placed inside the coats' pockets.'When the weather becomes warmer, will all this end?'The quiet and cute, Yukawa-san and the beautiful lady, Mizuki-san, where will their love go?An exciting and heart-pounding OL Yuri Manga