Read manga: Midara Na Omega Wa Koi Wo Shinai


Sakushima Nanao is an Omega that enrolls into a boarding school. To earn some money for buying medicine, he joins a circle that sells the members' body to elite alphas within the school. An Alpha transfer student, Ashiya Soushi, bothers Nanao under the pretense that he fell in love with him at first sight. Because Nanao thinks that Alpha's goal in the end is sex, he invites Soushi to do it once, but somehow his advances are refused instead. Isesaki, the circle's sponsor, witnesses that moment and punishes Nanao. Moreover, he even orders Nanao to invite Soushi using the mating period "heat"...! Soushi, agitated by the mating period, succumbs to the lust... Even though he doesn't wish for it, his body can't stop yearning for that heat! "I thought I won't never fall in love..." A love trap that tricks an alpha-hater Omega.