Read manga: Princess Blue Rose And Rebuilding Kingdom


I’ve been given a chance to redo my life. I’m standing next to the man who once killed me.That night was the “Star Festival”, a celebration for the founding of the proud kingdom of Hyland. Blinded by love, Queen Alicia had turned her back on the people of the country. She was then killed from a stab in the chest by a man who marched into the castle...or at least, that was what should have happened.When she woke up, Alicia found herself 10 years old. Holding the memory of her murder, she was given a chance to redo her life.In the midst of this, she reunites with Clovis, the man who once killed her...?!This is the story of the Blue Rose Princess who will "redo" her life, and her future that is tossed around by the mischief of fate!