Read manga: I'm The Main Protagonist From Today


I became the main character who beats around the bush in an angsty romance fantasy novel. The role of the heroine who gets thrown by the ML and is ignored by her best friend. It can’t go this way! I have to change the original route by all means. “Please employ me as your support.” To survive, I decided to stick to the antagonist, the crown prince, of the original plot. However, this man is in no way going as planned. To add, even a weird rumour is going around. That I and Palus are lovers, with plans of wedding ahead. “We’re not lovers. It’s just me who cannot live without her.” Huh? What is this guy saying right now! Why is he adding fuel to the fire! —————————————– “Crown Prince, the King said……” What of these bad rumours, this much I expected once I decided to be the Crown Prince’s support. “you have fallen for Noo-nim and that you cannot come to your senses.” However, that wasn’t true. False rumours must have morality! In fact, he likes men! “That being blind to jealousy, you broke the wrist of a man, getting close to Noo-nim on spot.” “……” No, I mean that’s not completely untrue. But, that might not be the reason…… “I also heard rumours that you might officially marry Noo-nim soon.” “……” No. That’s never true! [hr][i]Note: This is a oneshot promotional manhwa for the novel of the same name [/i]