Read manga: Du's Demotion

Other name: 杜桑桑降职记
Artists: Qingdian
Status: ongoing
Updated at: Sep 20, 2019

In a high-pressure society, some young people have a certain sense of boredom and even rejection of the faster pace of life. Compared to the high and high pressure of life and work, these young people are more interested in slowing down the rhythm and enjoying life, thus a kind of "funeral culture" has emerged in the society. "Funeral culture" on the surface of the transmission of negative energy, the reality is the young people through the "self-mockery" way to the mind to reduce the new form of decompression, instead of playing a new type of encouragement. Dusansan is a modern young woman who aims to "eat and wait for death", and is especially keen on "funeral culture". She was promoted to office because of her boss's resignation and did not want to suffer from enormous work pressure. Mr. Durosson, who did not want to be driven mad by pressure, tried to demote, but she had to be good enough to be able to be demoted and not to be fired, but the result was always less than desirable - Dusansan, who was opposed to success, screwed up the matter, against his own. Will the "downgrading" of Duo Sang Sang become a "promotion" record?