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Lloyd is an oblivious, frail, and naive boy from a village in the countryside, who wishes to become a soldier in the capital. After convincing the mayor of his village, a loli witch who is over a 100 years old named Alca, he sets off to the capital to fulfill his dream, being taken in the care of a loli witch named Mary that has a "complicated" relationship with the mayor.The thing is, Lloyd is actually from the village right next to the final dungeon, with many fabled heroes of old that help keep the world at peace, and everyone from there is, naturally, somewhat...overpowered. He was called weak by the townspeople, but that was only by comparison to them. When he sets to go to the capital, this world's "starting town", he's unaware of this, thinking he is weak, but harboring many ancient secrets, skills, and power.Despite many setbacks, his will remains strong, and so begins his quest to find his inner strength and fulfill his dream with the aid of an awkward witch, the interference of a bubbly mayor and many more allies and enemies!